Thursday, 9 July 2009

Big Day tomorrow

Much of the Hardrock course is truly beautiful

The drop bags are packed, the wraps are made, the specially imported rice pudding is packed and portioned for each aid station, the toenails are clipped and everything is in place for Hardrock 2009.

I feel good - the past week has seen little activity on my part except for a team ascent of Virginius pass (where these pictures were taken). We have been sleeping above 11,000ft (average course elevation) and Lynn has been tackling some chunks of the course with me as support. This has provided the opportunity to take the ageing Subaru Outback over some challenging terrain - over Cinnamon pass for those who know it!!

Virginius Pass - at mile 75 - provides a steep challenge in the middle of the night!

Race starts at 06.00 Friday US Mountain time. Thats 13.00 Friday for anyone in the UK. THere is a Hardrock live runners site that intends to post aid station times - keep in mind this is a loooooooong run so there will be long gaps and also that, if I am running smart, I will not make any kind of push until after Ouray.

MY RUN NUMBER IS 137 and the site is

If anyone wants to post a comment on here with their best guess of my time then feel free - we will see who gets closest and come up with some kind of prize!! I have great support and am really looking forward to the next Hardrock adventure. Update hopefully on Saturday night (US time)/Sunday morning (UK time) with the outcome. Stay well and have a great weekend wherever you are.

Mt. Sneffels - a 14'er that the course does NOT go over


John said...

ok, I have you down for 5th in my pre-race prognostication, behind the Speedgoat and young Jamil and a couple of other blokes. I hope I'm wrong!! 30:23 is what it says here. Have fun, wish I were there!
aloha, TJ

Nick said...

You'll do it justice this year, Mark. I'm rooting for you.

Team Vasque said...

Guessing your time: that's an unfair question. All I know is that you seem to be going well this year and I hope you do the business. I know from following several minutes behind you in several Vasque series 2008 races that you're determined: apply that to Hard Rock and you'll do fine.


Paul said...

We're watching from the flat lands of Lincolnshire, inspirational stuff.

Go Go - Whoop Whoop - Good Job!!

Paul & Tracy