Wednesday 19 May 2010

Scottish Islands Peaks race

The month of May always used to be crazy. Its when I would get into trouble; booking myself up for races every weekend and neglecting my commitments. It's my favourite month of the year as new life explodes all around and the evenings draw out. It's my daughters middle name. The blossom, new leaves, nesting birds, lambs and warm sun bring forth in abundance the possibility and potential that the buds of early spring hinted at.

To me, the Fellsman and Scottish Islands Peaks race epitomise the best of this month. The Fellsman - a glorious day long romp across a great swathe of Yorshire's finest and then the SIPR - a weeks worth of runing, sailing and adventure packed into about 40-48 hours.

After a break of 7 years I will be returning to the delights of the SIPR again this weekend and am full of anticipation.
  • eagles on Mull
  • dolphins and Otters
  • rowing against the 5knot tidal current to avoid being pulled back into Correyveckan
  • waking up to the sound of the hull buzzing as our boat skimmed across the water in the early dawn at 20 knots
  • descending the first of the Paps of Jura in the night and watching the sparks fly as we crashed down the scree
  • rowing from 2nd place into the lead
  • beach start with a 28ft trimaran off Aran.

These are the kind of memories that the SIPR can give.

I have a little trepidation too - Alex, my running partner is much younger and, although Fellsman was 2 weeks ago, I wonder whether I have fully recovered.

Still, get started and deal with what arises is the way so........i'll try to update on Sunday, assuming we are not still on the water!!!

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