Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Building Up

Pleased to report no strains or injuries after the Ray Miller. Of course I felt worked, that's the idea of a race - to leave it all out on the course - but I have had much worse DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) after 20 mile runs when I was less fit. Still a bit chastened by the winners time though - there is a site in the USA which records all your results and does some major number crunching to come up with %age performances. Hats off to Mark Gilligan - creeator of Ultrasignup.com because he now has the cool feature where entrants for any race are ranked according to their past performances. Well, it was a little frustrating to see my % actually go down after the Ray Miller race. In part this is because his algorithm takes no note of advancing years so my former glories at Hardrock et al still bump me up. Oh well, they say that there are damned lies and then there are statistics!

Backbone Trail - from the outskirts of LA
After an easy week the fun began again as we hosted friends from Sacramento and Salt Lake City for a few days of running on Santa Cruz Island and on the Backbone Trail.

The former we visited last October - it is one of the California Channel Islands that would make great venues for a Scottish Islands Peaks Race type of event if only races were allowed within the National Parks. This time we saw a grey whale on the boat journey over and enjoyed two hot dry days immediately followed by a 2 day stint on the 68 mile Backbone trails which runs from Santa Monica to the Ray Miller trail in Point Mugu state park.

Backbone Trail - to Sandstone Mountain
108 miles in 4 days was a great bit of training that left me feeling tired by confident of my base fitness especisally since I had the energy to turn on the motors on the final 8 miles of the trail.

The runfurther series is now underway for it's 7th year and it is very pleasing that we have, once againn, managed to pull together a prize fund of over £10,000 retail value - even in the current economy we have some great sponsors who are willing to provide significant gear to support the series. Almost 50% is available as spot prizes and competitions (rather than just to the leaders) and we are redeveeloping the site to offer a lot more advice, training and community features so I am happy that we are doing our best to encourage people into the sport at all levels.

So, why do we run? That was something I gave a little thought to this past week and penned the first of a series of articles for run247.com

Why do we run?

It is intended to be a thought provoking piece so I would really welcome all and any comments - have I missed the essence? are your reasons different?

OK - was supposed to be racing in Seattle this weekend but flight prices got away from me before I booked. Over $500 just to travel there seems daft so it will be some more diligent training in the build up to the Sonoma 50 on 15th April and then the Fellsman on 28th April which I am so excited about!!

Sat 25 Ray Miller 50 mile/11000ft: 8:04:47 and 4th place

Sun 26 3mile – walk/jog on the beach

Mon 27 5 mile – Elings park

Tue 28 0 - rest

Wed 29 7 miles Inspiration plus 4 track session

Thu 1 0 - rest

Fri 2 7 miles – jesusita to inspiration pt. with Roch and Steve

Total 76 miles and 13500ft

Sat 3 28 miles on Santa Cruz island 3500ft

Sun 4 10 miles on Santa Cruz to Smugglers via ridge– 2500ft

Mon 5 38 miles and 5300ft (backbone trail part 1)

Tue 30 miles and 3000ft (Backbone trail part 2)

Wed 7 miles on the shorefront with Steve and Deanna

Thu 0 - rest

Fri 0 - rest

Total 113 miles and 14,300ft

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