Friday, 8 June 2012

San Diego 100

Back to the fray. Unfinished business takes me back to the Laguna Mountain area, around 2 hours inland from San Diego and on the edge of the Anza Borrego.

Last year I pulled out at mile 64; cold, tired and spent. With a little trepidation but also some excitement I will toe the line as number 78 at 7am US time (3pm UK time) to revisit the early miles and discover the later ones.

I know I have put in the training this spring and I go into this event fully rested having not run more than 20 miles at a single stretch since the Fellsman 5 weeks ago. I will start slow and see how it feels - no heroics just a solid run I hope.

If you are sitting inside watching the rain beat down and wondering how life is in Southern California - check out - they promise regular updates throughout the event. Anything under a 24 hour finish time will be considered a result by me.

Full race report to follow next week once I've got it done!

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